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14 February 2020 @ 04:43 am

Hello, im -dee- or u can call me missilver
Im 22 years old, Indonesian, and SHIGEakholic
Christian, JESUS freak, and proud of it ^^

I do love all NEWS member
but i like other Johnny's too...
Like KAT-TUN, Question?, Arashi, Kinki Kids, SMAP, TOKIO, etc
but this journal is not just about them
coz i have interest to lots of music artists and genres
I like J-Pop and J-Rock as well as western hip hop
and RnB one like Jojo, Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin, and such
but i also listening to Switchfoot, Linkin Park, The Corrs n lots.
For Indonesian, i enjoy jazzy Tompi and Ecutez, rockin' Padi, and cute AB Three.
See? Its mixed!! ^^ well even though i rarely updated any of them
I love watching movies and dramas,
but sadly i have no chance to see lots...
And of course i use this LJ for my LiveJournal, its obvious huh?
so there's a bunch of stories about me, my friends, and family

Yes, just like mentioned above this journal is NOT friends-only.
It means ALL people can read ALL my entry post here.
But, if you want to add me as a friend please leave comment here.
Just like the others f-o-j, i'd like to know who are you.
Take a while and write ur name, age, nationality, location, ur personality,
from where or who u knowing me, reason u add me, similarity of us,
or whatever u want to write to me... Its not take too long time, right? ^^
Honestly, i like to make lots friends
so i will adding people after seeing their profile n journal
but if ur journal is empty, dont blame me if i wont add u back...

my download stuffs is open for public
so it's not necessary for u to randomly adding me
If u r here just to download my stuffs, please highlight
that they are NOT to re-post anywhere WITHOUT permission
and please DO CREDIT me and LINKBACK to my post if u do!!
If u just want to re-translate my translation or re-post non-download stuffs
it's fine as long as you credit me ^^

For others who takes time to seeing around my journal, thank you...^^
you can also commenting here or at my specific post what u thinking of
and i will appreciate that!

Thank you for dropped in and read this (un)boring stuff

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11 July 2018 @ 03:15 pm

I bad on art, my subbing project is not finished yet, and i have not enough pics to spam...
So im going to do this for the sake of SHIGEakholic XD

Master-Post-Wannabe (List of Shige's Stuffs)

First thing first:
Check Shige's 22th Bday post on news_jpop 

I won't tiring myself with re-write Shige's Bio, "facts" and such, here is few of them on LJ (including picspam):
Some of them isn't for 22th birthday, but they are my favorite XDD


Shige's Nikki:

tinyangl is awesome made this list: http://tinyangl.livejournal.com/236057.html

Shige's Dramas: (listing on randomness XD)

1. Kakure Karakuri
    or download here on my MF folder (subbed by Kioku Fansubs)
2. Ie ga Tooi (subbed by newshfan )
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    SP & Making of
3. Car Radio ga Owareba
    Streaming (no sub)
    or download here on my MF folder (subbed by Kioku-Suteki )
4. Hokaben
5. Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru
6. Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
7. Sugata Sanshiro
    Subbed: MF// MU
    RAW download here on my MF folder
8. Kinpachi Sensei (season 6)
...more to come

Shige on TV Shows: (not including Ya-ya-yah Shows or most of Shounen Club, they are LOTS! but maybe someday i'll update XD)

1. Hanamaru Cafe
    10.08.2007 Subbed // RAW
    14.05.2009 Subbed
    or download subbed version here on my MF folder
2. Saturday Night Chubaw (Chubou desuyo!)
    04.08.2007 Subbed // RAW
3. Short Clips
    14.07.2008 Mezamashi TV Subbed
    15.04.2009 Omoikkiri Subbed
    11.07.2007 Evening5 RAW
    09.04.2008 Zoom In Subbed
    14.07.2008 Zoom in Super Subbed
    14.11.2008 Zoom In Super Subbed
    15.04.2009 Omoikkiri & Zoom In Subbed
    18.05.2009 Unknown Subbed
4. Waratte Iitomo
10.04.2006 RAW
    29.04.2009 Subbed // RAW
5. Shounen Club Premium
    16.11.2008 Subbed // RAW
6. Shounen Club (Subbed Version Only)
    08.04.2007 Only Shige // Full Episode
    03.08.2008 Shige as MC
    10.08.2008 Shige as MC
    11.12.2005 Shige as Producer
    13.11.2005 Shige and Kusano
7. Koichi Plan (KKK Kity)
    Subbed by newshfan , download here on my MF folder
...more to come

Various Clips can be found here at my MF folder
Fancams can be found here at my folder

Download here: http://newsholic.livejournal.com/19258.html
Translations by:
Volume 1 (12.2007)
Volume 2 (01.2008)
Volume 3 (02.2008)
Volume 4 (03.2008)
Volume 5 (04.2008)
Volume 6 (05.2008)
Volume 7 (06.2008)
Volume 8 (07.2008)
Volume 9 (08.2008)
Volume 10 (09.2008)
Volume 11 (10.2008)
Volume 12 (11.2008)
Volume 13 (12.2008)
Volume 14 (01.2009)
Volume 15 (02.2009)
Volume 16 (03.2009)
Volume 17 (04.2009) 1 // 2
Volume 18 (05.2009)
Volume 19 (06.2009)
Volume 20 (07.2009)
Volume 21 (08.2009)
...more to come

Aoi Hitorigoto
Download: http://lequinha90.livejournal.com/6391.html
Translations by:
riccichan , calasander  , and towa_no_imi 
2006.07 Essay #1 - Door
2006.08 Essay #2 - Flow
2006.09 Essay #3 - Thanks
2006.10 Essay #4 - Identity
2006.11 Essay #5 - Interest
2006.12 Essay #6 - Lefty
2007.01 Essay #7 - Wave
2007.02 Essay #8 - Start
2007.03 Essay #9 - Pride
2007.04 Essay #10 - Love
2007.05 Essay #11 - Bonds
2007.07 Essay #13 - Laugh
2007.08 Essay #14 - Tears
2007.09 Essay#15 -
2007.10 Essay#16 -
2007.11 Essay#17 -
2007.12 Essay#18 -
2008.01 Essay#19 -
2008.02 Essay#20 - Voice
2008.03 Essay#21 - Neighbour
2008.04 Essay#22 - Perfume
2008.05 Essay#23 - Name
2008.06 Essay#24 -
2008.07 Essay#25 - Gray
2008.08 Essay#26 - Medicine
2008.09 Essay#27 -
2008.10 Essay#28 -
2008.11 Essay#29 -
2008.12 Essay#30 - Missing
2009.01 Essay#31 - Flavor
2009.02 Essay#32 - Mixture
2009.03 Essay#33 -
2009.04 Essay#34 -
2009.05 Essay#35 -
2009.06 Essay#36 - Rain
2009.07 Essay#37 - Eyes
2009.08 Essay#38 - Stage
...more to come

Download: http://inala.livejournal.com/2170.html
Translations by calasander  :
Konnan Yatte Mimashita
Photo & Essay Translation 1
Photo & Essay Translation 2
Photo & Essay - Cell Phone 
Photo & Essay - Toilet & Earring
Photo & Essay - Eye of the Star & Thread 

Shige on radio:
shigettogether http://community.livejournal.com/shiget_together/
K-chan NEWS http://ivonnemcgruder.livejournal.com/42802.html
                           or download here on my MF folder (only Shige as guest)
Master Hits      2007.02.23 (Koyashige Call's): http://missilver.livejournal.com/10694.html
Recomen         2007.11.29 (Shige as Guest): http://missilver.livejournal.com/4321.html

Other translations of Shige's stuffs: http://community.livejournal.com/newstranslation/tag/bm:+shige

Shige's community on LJ:

OMG! Work is calling me!! More list and update tomorrow and i guess i have to cut this XD

Well, i hope still make it before 11 July passed on my country...


giving information for correcting or updating this list is LOVE~~

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30 October 2017 @ 04:34 pm


I'm in Japan now and probably try to attend any NEWS event, I wish I have that lucky.. 

Time to update everything about NEWS! 

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16 February 2011 @ 12:41 pm
and shige, what the earth are you doing now?!
*miss them so much -tears-*
15 October 2010 @ 03:41 pm
I don't know why did I've turned to be a 'fashionista' this last 2 months. What I mean 'fashionista' here is not a professional one, because I suddenly happened to be care about fashion, in my real life and makes me search all over distro, boutique, department store, factory outlet, and internet, just for clothes and accessories, which is never happened before. I'm not a 'tomboy' girl but not a girlish one neither. I was just happy with what i wear as long as it's comfortable, even if just t-shirt and jersey like hotaru did~ XD
This changes, could it be because of love? *^.^*

By the way, i've been in this city for 8 months and still not find any good clothing shop yet. Funny thing is, distro here is not like a distro on big cities. They sell too much t-shirts with the same pattern on different colors and cheap accessories that could be broke after one week.
Seriously, this is bad.

So, my choice of course go to search on internet.
I found a lot of good stuffs like this one: http://www.distrocommunity.com/group/clothing
They have everything, dress, shoes, accessories, and not just an european taste, harajuku style is one of their fave tag.
Some articles is in french, which remind me to polish up my language skill... But just look at the picture and go amazed!
My fave is an uniqe cream wool blazer with capuchon and big buttons. Fell in love at first sight. If only they sell it here...
Umm, but i have to throw 10 kilos of fat from my body first so i look alike the model~ XD

And... just because i'm wondering... for my japanese f-list, did you ever wear like these ?
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01 October 2010 @ 02:18 am
It's been years of our friendship
Thank you for being next to me for those long time
Even we're apart now, but I hope our friendship will be forever
Hope that all your dreams come true

http://orkutluv.com/  graphic comments-Birthday Images

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30 September 2010 @ 07:02 am
Harry Potter. Darn it! Why it takes so long to watch the final! And split to 2 parts?!
But I have to admit, that the series of this movie (and also the book) is very addicting.

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
The first movie. Not bad, really! But when I watch it again, after few years, I couldn't help to laugh, don't know why.
Maybe because it seems too childish for me now...

2.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
Second movie, nothing much to comments. But maybe I'll edit this post later, after I re-watch this one ;P

3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
My favourite by far. I like how the story on the book reflected very good here, I mean the story line.
It's interesting, either for those who didn't read the book yet. My sister is the example.

4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
I like this because the actions was good. And we can watch them dancing, and a lot of new face here!
France, Russian, Asian, how colourful!

5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)
Umm, I have to re-watch this one too because I like the story on the book but I almost forget how the movie was.
Simply said, it didn't leave a remarkable memory to me... yet ;P

6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
I hate the ending! I really hate it! Worst ending ever!
I want the battle to be more epic than on the book, but it was really dissapointing one.

7. THE FINAL one, split into 2 parts. And while I unpatiently waiting here,
this site says you can Watch Free Movies Online!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (2010)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II (2011)

I can't believe it!! Now i'm trying to prove it. But, darn the connection in this small town!
Grrr... I have to wait until November, or maybe December (remembering that in this country, everything goes in very slow motion)
meanwhile... I got this news from my cousin in Los Angeles:

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I doesn’t officially drop until November 19th, but Warner Bros held a test screening in Chicago on Saturday, with director David Yates as well as producers David Heyman and David Barron reportedly in attendance. And I've been very lucky to be just happened in there now! I'll go find them, wish me luck!! XDD"

*super jealous mode: on!*
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30 September 2010 @ 05:47 am
People surround me know that I am a 'nomaden', it means that I keep moving from one place to another place. For various reason of course, study, work, etc... But I always wondering when will I really do the travelling, and where? Of course some of islands on my country is a must, and nihon, when i get enough money XD
But before that, I really curious about this one: Bantayan Island : http://www.bantayan-island.net/
I saw pictures and read articles about it, and I think I'm in love <3<3<3
I think the idea of taking a vacation here (with someone you love) must be great ;P
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23 July 2010 @ 01:06 am
minna, ohisashiburi! i've been in hiatus but just a brief... XD

♥ watched final episode of troubleman, ureshii~ (and how 'forever' really suit the THE END!)

♥ listen to 'sakura girl' played by k-pop's (particularly suju) fangirl and she kinda like it, ureshii~

♥ got extra money in this month, so at least i can help my younger brother's education financial, ureshii~ (gee, i LOVE my job!)

NEWS fanbook project is totally WIN! i can feel how member ai affects in this fandom and fangirl, ureshii~

NEWS upcoming concert definately a CHAMP! just seeing how excited fangirl's comments makes me feel even more excited, ureshii~

♥ 6 hearts above is NEWS no member + 1 of mine ;)

just one more thing (♥) to complete this perfect feeling, i need brand new banner! anyone? send my ♥~

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21 December 2009 @ 03:41 pm
have i told you all friend that i'm on hiatus?
but, really, thanks a LOT for the greetings!

that's all... back to hiatus